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Pacesetter in affordable quality Polystyrene Buildings,
Spanish Tiles, Wine and Cleaning Services

UECOB Key Subsidiaries

Uecob Construction

Makers of Affordable Quality Polystyrene construction materials and general merchandise.

Chybyke Ventures

Importers of Spanish Tiles & Wine, cars and industrial cleaning services and Procurement

Polystyrene Construction

We handle the construction and finishing of industrial and residential houses with our cutting edge expertise in polystyrene fabrication

Tile World

with an exhaustive array of tiles both spanish and other exotic designs,we are your best choice for your project ephemeral finishing

UECOB Polystyrene Buildings

UECOB Nigeria Limited produces and markets
various sizes of high quality polystyrene, molds and galvanized steel
panels and other accessories for the construction industry. Polystyrene
are known to be:

  • mechanical resistance and stability
  • fire safety
  • sustainability
  • economy and healthyliving climate

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Technology Design

Today’s modern structures must be energy efficient, safe, durable and aesthetically pleasing. These simultaneous requirements call for unique technologies and innovations. At UECOB Nig Limited, we understand that solutions to these challenges can come from anywhere. That’s why we look beyond traditional construction concepts to bring inspired ideas to building and construction projects of all kinds. From modest homes to monumental skyscrapers, Dow develops solutions to help insulate, protect and enhance

Our extensive building science expertise and strong R&D capabilities deliver innovative solutions in the construction and infrastructure industry.


At UECOB Nig Limited, our expanded polystyrene material used are safe and complies with all necessary technical and environmental standards. Here are some benefits that show it is an environmentally safe product:

Expanded polystyrene is an efficient and practical user of natural resources. Essentially it consists of 98% air.

The manufacturing of expanded polystyrene is safe and does not pose any health risks to people or the environment.

When used as insulation expanded polystyrene helps with the reduction of heating and cooling, and especially in industry it will assist in the reduction CO2 and SO2.

Expanded polystyrene is 100% recyclable, and because it does not biodegrade it does not contaminate the air or water.

Expanded polystyrene is lightweight, making it easy to move and easy to handle. This saves on logistical costs and fuel consumption when it has to be moved.

About UECOB Polystyrene Blocks?

They are used in construction as permanent insulation in buildings. The blocks are energy efficient and ensure optimal insulation not only for walls of buildings, but also the roofs and even floors. Electrical wiring and plumbing pipes can be inserted in the polystyrene. This ensures quicker installation of electricity and plumbing pipes in a building.

Because of the unique characteristics of the polystyrene blocks, from one storey to multi-storey buildings can be constructed faster and cheaper than normal brick and mortal buildings. The blocks can be used in residential, industrial and commercial construction projects. Since rotting is not a problem, basements can be constructed with the use of the blocks filled with concrete and rebars.

by building with polystyrene blocks, companies can ensure that their buildings will meet environmental regulation requirements for sound pollution, energy saving, and recycle value of the materials used

Our People

UECOB Nigeria Limited has some of the most experienced and capable professionals in the industry. Today, our professional staff exceeds 200 employees and this number continues to grow as the company gains momentum and expands.

At UECOB Nigeria Limited we focus on building our employees along with our projects. Each day we overcome challenges together as a team of highly skilled construction professionals to ensure our projects are delivered on time, on budget, safely, and with the highest possible level of quality.

Our Service: We are the pacesetter in affordable quality polystyrene buildings, spanish Tiles & Wine and cleaning services.

Commitment to Quality Management

The Quality program at UECOB Nigeria Limited is designed as a fundamental element to the success of our projects to ensure that the client receives a high quality product that meets or exceeds the required standards